about maxdef

MAXDEF Reality Based Self Defense is a form of self defense adjusted to today’s environment for anyone, at any age, regardless of gender. It uses quick, effective and simple techniques for you to protect yourself, or better, deescalate situations in which you might have to defend yourself. MAXDEF is not only used in cases which you are attacked and have to defend yourself, but will give you methods to get a better eye for your surroundings.

about the trainer

Philip Blumer was born in 1989 in the city of Dallas Texas in the United States. At an early age Philip moved to Zurich Switzerland, the place he refers to as “home” today. At the age of 16 Philip started his rigorous martial arts training and has gathered his martial arts experience from various people and places. In 2008 Philip started his 3-year degree to becoming a certified Martial Arts teacher, and 2011 he became self employed and made martial arts his profession. In 2016 Philip launched the brand MAXDEF. Today it’s Philip’s goal to offer possibilities for people who want to learn to act and feel secure wherever, whenever.

offer max-def martial arts
60 minutes of 1 to 1 personal training at Philip's MAXDEF studio
CHF 95.-
For further participants
CHF 40.-
Trainings to be held elsewhere (home of student, workplace etc.)
on agreement
Larger classes or seminars
on demand
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